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In recent years, web site owners and cyber-explorers have joined the Blog craze in droves, making blogs a critically important Web 2.0 application. Perfect for adding a "personal touch" to your site!

Many people use them as an easy way to begin an electronic community about a topic or cause of interest. Learn how you can apply these easy to use tools to establish a personal link with your visitors, boost your traffic in the process and provide unique content for your site.


Just what are these new sensations? A blog is an easy application that allows web site owners to write a regular online dialogue that readers can respond and add to. Many companies actually hire writers to add to and maintain corporate blogs. They range in content from a personal diary- like format to crisp, thought-provoking journalistic commentaries.

Many invite readers to pitch in - to respond to what the originator has written. They can slowly build to become very useful and substantial content, especially if the comments are well written and include useful and/or important information.

Blogs are so popular that new language has begun to be used that relate exclusively to them. For instance, the entire scope of blogs - that is all of the blogs that exist online together form what is called the blogosphere.

If a particular issue, subject or topic becomes extremely popular in the blogosphere, it is said to be causing a blogstorm or blog swarm. These storms happen quite frequently since blogs cover the whole gamut of topics available, including politics, religion, health, finances, legal issues, travel, research, literary topics, group work, mysticism, self-help, sports, dating, education, and so on and on and on,..... As well, some people call the tools used to build blogs, blogware while others call them weblog software programs.

Adding a blog to your site can be the beginning of a very meaningful and useful adventure. We all have important things to say - a blog can be the perfect tool to begin to share your particular wisdom, views, experience and expertise, and boost your Web 2.0 presence! It is a tool that every self respecting business and site owner can not do without!


We offer blog customization packages for your web site using either Wordpress or Nucleus software. We will install and customize the layout of the software to suit your current site's layout and look.

We offer two packages:

A. Blog Installation and Customization - for the savvy blogger who just needs the blog created and some pointers on how to maintain and use it.

B. Blog Installation, Customization and Management - for the busy blog owner who needs help with ongoing management and blog entry writing.

What are you waiting for?

If you aren't blogging, you are not offering your site visitors the best site experience!

Samples of Blogs Created

Curriculum Sage (WordPress)

Curriculum Sage (WP)

CNHE Blog (WP)

First Nations Pedagogy (WordPress)

First Nations Pedagogy (WP)

Pegasus Gallery (WP)

God is a Verb (WordPress)

God is a Verb (WP)

First Nations Healing (WP)

CNIA 2009 Conference

CNIA 2009 (WP)

Evolutionary Development

Evolutionary Development (WP)

Hygeia Design Blog

Hygeia Design Blog (Nuc)

Nursing Informatics (Nucleus)

Nursing Informatics (Nuc)

PhD Dissertation Musings (Nucleus)

PhD Dissertation Musings (Nuc)

EcoNurse News

EcoNurse News (Nuc)

Nurse Activism News (Nucleus)

Nurse Activism News (Nuc)

Nursing Pedagogy News (Nucleus):

Nursing Pedagogy News (Nuc)

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Custom Blog Set Up

Custom Blog Set Up

LET US SET YOU UP! We offer blog customization packages for your web site using either WordPress or Nucleus software. We will install and customize...


Blog Master Package

Blog Master Package

LET US SET YOU UP! We offer blog customization packages for your web site using either WordPress or Nucleus software. We will install and customize...


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