Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai
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21st Century Womyn Webring

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The 21st Century Womyn Web Ring is a circle of passionate, creative, powerful womyn ready and excited about the 21st Century. This circle provides the opportunity for like-minded women to support and complement each other's websites; to offer empowering content and images to educate, inspire, and unite womyn from all walks of life. If this vision interests you, please continue. The circle itself represents a showcase of quality women-focused or at least women-created sites.

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Visions of Adonai is a 21st Century Womyn Site


  • The principal owner and keeper of the submitted website should be a woman, or have created a website that would appeal to empowered women.
  • Attractive, wholesome, inspiring websites are invited into the circle, especially ones focused on helping womyn face the future in an empowering way.
  • No sites with content which supports sexism, oppression, pornography, or vulgar language will be accepted.
  • Your site must be tastefully and lovingly done. You don't have to be a professional html programmer, but your site must reflect care, taste, and be aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes.
  • No broken links, defunct images, or sites solely comprised of links.
  • Site must contain ample content, focused on empowerment, enrichment, futuristic skills, holism and balance, health, healing, successful relationships, spiritual development, career planning, and so on, with a positive focus.

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Exceptional Design at Visions of Adonai